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Remote Work: Succeeding as a Team - Resources


Remote: Office Not Required by Fried & Hansson

Definitely recommended for individuals and companies wanting to do remote right. This book clarifies on adopting the attitudes and practices of successful remote workers and companies.

The Long-Distance Leader by Eikenberry & Turmel

Recommended reading for traditional leaders wanting to understand how to navigate the future of work. It's a little bit old-school but still interesting.

The Art of Living Remotely by Scott Dawson

A book about lessons learnt from a long-time remote worker and host of #RemoteChat on Twitter, Scott Dawson. Not as good as the book by Fried & Hansson.

Make Time: Knapp & Zeratsky

Highly recommended productivity book by the inventors of Google's Design Sprint.


The State of Remote Work 2020 by Buffer

Survey of remote work published early 2020.

Guide to Internal Communication by Basecamp

A great article on how to manage digital communications from some of the leaders in the field.


Buffer's Remote Work blog


TED - Why Work Doesn't Happen At Work - Jason Fried

A quick summary of the book mentioned above.


Hatjitsu - Estimation tool for Agile teams

FunRetro - Basic retrospective tool for Agile teams

Mural - Super-fun retrospective tool for Agile teams

Miro - Whiteboarding tool

Basecamp - Remote work project management and communications tool

Habitica - Habit gamification tool



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