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Remote Work: Succeeding as a Team - Resources


Remote: Office Not Required by Fried & Hansson

Definitely recommended for individuals and companies wanting to do remote right. This book clarifies on adopting the attitudes and practices of successful remote workers and companies.

The Long-Distance Leader by Eikenberry & Turmel

Recommended reading for traditional leaders wanting to understand how to navigate the future of work. It's a little bit old-school but still interesting.

A book about lessons learnt from a long-time remote worker and host of #RemoteChat on Twitter, Scott Dawson. Not as good as the book by Fried & Hansson.

Highly recommended productivity book by the inventors of Google's Design Sprint.


Survey of remote work published early 2020.

A great article on how to manage digital communications from some of the leaders in the field.



A quick summary of the book mentioned above.


Hatjitsu - Estimation tool for Agile teams

FunRetro - Basic retrospective tool for Agile teams

Mural - Super-fun retrospective tool for Agile teams

Miro - Whiteboarding tool

Basecamp - Remote work project management and communications tool

Habitica - Habit gamification tool


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