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Kotlin Multiplatform Alchemy Resource Notes

Updated: May 15

The Kotlin/Swift Interopedia can be used to determine the latest status of Kotlin/Swift interop for most Kotlin features. Find it here. We owe a debt of gratitude to the original authors - we translated their work, updated it, and added sections of the latest community solutions etc.

The section on current techniques owes a debt of gratitude to the work of:

  • Salomon Brys - find the talk here.

  • Andre Oriani's article series and talk - find the talk here and the articles here.

My talk was also a team effort. Thank you especially to Sergey B. for his insight into the design process of Swift Export and a hint about using Xcode for Objective-C to Swift interfaces shortcut, and the Kotlin advocates (Svetlana, Márton, Garth) for the reviews and many helpful comments.

The article about using SourceKitten to get from Objective-C to Swift interfaces can be found here - thanks again to Andre Oriani for the excellent article. The StackOverFlow answer outlining the Xcode version can be found here.

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