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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile for Skeptics Resources

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

JetBrains official documentation and videos

  • (Article) Introduce cross-platform mobile development to your team I really liked this article about introducing new technology in teams because it has a really holistic approach. It starts with empathy for each member of the team that has to undergo some discomfort and change to adopt something new. This cannot be overstated - this is can make or break your efforts. It then moves to the more practical aspects and gives advice on how you approach these points.

  • (Videos) Kotlin multiplatform mobile playlist The official video guide to getting started if you are a watch-and-learn, rather than a read-and-learn person. This tutorial series will help you start by setting up your environment, creating a simple application, and then a more complicated one. It also contains information about what's the latest news on Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, so I expect updates will also be posted there in future.

  • (Video) Talking Kotlin: Why iOS developers at Todoist wanted Kotlin Multiplatform An interview with Goncalo Silva, CTO from Todoist on how and why iOS developers on their teams were actively looking to adopt Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. Really nice interview to make your iOS developers interested in their viewpoints.


Blog articles

  • Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile - an iOS engineer's hot take by Malcolm Kuwenda I really enjoyed this article. Malcolm is a bright iOS engineer, and in this article, he really went about investigating Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile in a balanced way. He shares what he feels are the pros and cons of the technology, as well as answers some questions for the iOS audience. Good job, Malcolm!

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